About us
Legend Display An excellent manufacturer of POP display and retail fixture
Offering comprehensive solutions for your brand and product. Our job is to make sure that your design aesthetic is produced to function properly and within budget.
We integrate all materials and workmanship, offering design, prototyping, engineering, production and timely delivery. Our talented team can help you plan and strategize unique fixtures and displays that feature product to attract and motivate buyers to purchase.
Legend makes itself stand out from its competitors.
  • Determining an accurate assessment of how a project will roll out, along with its timeline and cost.
  • We look at your project from every aspect from concept to final product.
  • Thanks to good communication with clients and suppliers and swiftly react to any issues, we can always run your project efficiently.
  • Design Once we get what you want, we can begin to sketch out solutions that meet your need. We generate renderings and show you the accurate visual on what the final product will look like.
  • Engineering Our talented engineers input technical details and value engineering solutions according to design concept.
  • Prototyping We make prototypes is to test andevaluate our design and engineering. Sample review involved members from design, engineering and manufacturing is the process that we must carry out so that we can optimize our design and improve produce process.
  • Legend has state-of-the-art facilities, and specialize in all materials including metal, wood, glass, plastic, cardboard.
  • We bring in all kinds of cutting-edge technologies, even including 3D print.
  • Quality assurance methodology is used to monitor and meet specifications and standards.
  • We offer warehousing, storage, distribution services.
  • We keep good relationship with professional shipping forwarders. We provide ocean shipping and air shipping.
  • We implement the proper packaging procedure to ensure your fixtures and displays arrive at the final destination in good condition.